Zanzibar National Archives
Zanzibar National Archive has got very important and valuable documents such as Consular Records, Protectorate Records, German Records, and Arabic correspondences as earlier as 19th century which prove interaction between Zanzibar and other parts of the World, as well as records on the famous East African Slave Trade.

It is the one of the oldest and richest archives emerged as an independent institution with full Page 2 Maximilian Chami 57 | Page responsibilities of preserving Zanzibar records. It was established by the British Protectorate in 1954 with the name of Zanzibar Archives.

Where it is located?
The archives are situated outside the main town, about 2km along Nyerere road from the Mnazi Moja Hospital, in an area called kilimani.

To get there take a dala-dala on route u and asked to be dropped at Nyaraka za Taifa, or at the prison. The dala-dala will stop at the bottom of Kinuamiguu Hill (the only hill on this road); turn left (north) off Nyerere road, then take the first road on the right.

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