Pemba Surrounding Islands
The most important towns in Pemba are Chake-Chake (the capital), Mkoani, and Wete, which is the largest city. The centrally located Chake-Chake is perched on a mound with a view to the west on a bay and the tiny Misali Island, where the tides determine when a dhow can enter the local harbour. Pemba is, with the exception of a strip of land along its eastern coast, a very fertile place: besides clove trees, the locals grow mainly rice, coconut, bananas, cassava and red beans (called maharagwe in the Swahili language). These islands include
Funzi Island
Jombe Island
Kashani Island
Kisiwa Hamisi
Kisiwa Kamata
Kisiwa Mbali
Kisiwa NĀ“gombe
Kuji Island.

Unguja Surrounding Islands
Unguja consists of several islands lying off the coast of East Africa south of the Somali sea. The archipelago is also known as the Spice Islands. There are four main islands, three primary islands with human populations, a fourth coral island that serves as an essential breeding ground for seabirds, plus a number of smaller islets that surround them and an isolated tiny islet. These islands include
Bawe Island
Prison Island
Chapwani Island
Chumbe Island
Daloni Island
Kwale Island
Miwi Island

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