Zanzibar boasts a rare playground for exciting tourism activities. With an emphasis on eco-tourism, opportunities exist in: - Upmarket hotels and resorts, particularly chain hotels. - Tourism supporting services, such as first class restaurants, exhibition and conference centres, diving and sea sports.

Security, peace and tranquility are available in Zanzibar Airports Authority, making it an ideal place for investors that need to do business here. There are plenty of investment opportunities and open get on the Island, ranging from tourism, business and trade, housing, construction, agricultural and services sectors.

Why Zanzibar with us?

Country Stability

Zanzibar is politically, socially and economically stable. Private investments are constitutionally protected as well as through international conventions.

Strategic Location.

Zanzibar has been a trading hub for millennia. Due to the geographical location, it has become an ideal place for companies that need to do business with mainland Africa and beyond. This makes investing in Zanzibar an ideal strategic decision.

Market Potential

Zanzibar is unique and differs from other small island economies in the world. Being part of United Republic of Tanzania, it has huge market potential with a population of 45mil. United Republic of Tanzania being a member of East African community (EAC) and Southern African Development Community (SADC). Zanzibar is assured of a market area with over 300 million inhabitants. Regional and international market concessions when you invest in Zanzibar can be received by:

  • Utilising the East African and SADC market using Zanzibar as a hub for regional trade
  • Enjoying Export Quotas to European Market
  • Utilising American Market through AGOA
  • Having Proximity to land locked countries in Central and Eastern Africa

Abundant Resources

The amazing island of Zanzibar has many resources. For example agricultural and marine products, lovely sandy beaches and sunshine. Historical and cultural sites in addition to the traditional life styles of Zanzibar. More opportunities may be realised in the very near future as Zanzibar has recently discovered oil and gas.

When you invest with us, there are many employment opportunities where employers employ expatriates in key positions. ZIPA is available to facilitate the engagement of local labour force as well as processing necessary permits for the expatriates.

Predictable Fiscal Regime

Zanzibar has a very stable and predictable fiscal regime. The importance of companies who tend to recover investment costs prior to the payment of corporate tax. Foreign investors are allowed to own hundred per cent of their businesses.

Lucrative Incentive Package

Zanzibar Investment Promotion and Protection Act offers lucrative package of incentives. It also provides amazing opportunity to strategic investors. For details visit the official web site of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

Investment Guarantee

Investing in Zanzibar will be protected by law and international conventions. The income from tourism is rising to plug the gap. Some observers expect it to be Zanzibar’s largest generator of foreign exchange within about a decade. Zanzibar is looking at tourism as the leading foreign revenue source, as the number of foreign tourists visiting the island has grown in the last two decades.

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