Past (Achieved) Project

ZAA is an ever epanding airports, we place greate pride in our past achievments that reflect their result in our status and infrustructure.

Bellow is a montage of all or projects that have been successfully developed, implemented and are being maintained to data.
1 Installation of conveyer belt - open it
2 Installation of central Air condition. - open it

Current Project

ZAA basically initiates multiple projects congruentlly at the same time in stages, as of this year 2019/2020 we have the following projects listed below along with their projected timeframe that are currently in the pipeline, under execution.

1 Installation of new x-ray machine - open it

Future Project

"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail" - ZAA is a firm believer in this statement as it resonates in our very vision, mission statement, and goals. A forecast has already been set in motion on what we expect to achieve in the new future within different departments and sectors of ZAA. These projects scale range from low to high in terms of time duration, planned budget, and physical space.

1 Construction of business centre - open it
2 Pemba Air Port - open it

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