Aircraft parking fees

ZAA features a spacious area that accommodates multiple aircrafts of different sizes in terms of width, as well as weight. Airline crafts are charged mainly to the number of kilograms it harbors. For more information on weight charges in local/foreign currency, kindly contact our Mashaller Department at:

Aircraft landing fees

International and national registered airlines are subject by law to fees inorder to land on ZAA space. For more information, kindly contact the Mashaller Department at:


Standing for Common Use Passenger Processing System – this technology utilizes a software (vMUSE) that enables an airline that has been integrated into the system to utilize any check-in counter that is currently available. This technology promotes efficiency due to reduced cues as an airline is now able to make full use of their staff and all available check-in counters.

CUPPS also features up-to-date hardware such as boarding pass and bag tag printers further reducing the printing time needed for a passenger to wait to meet their travel requirements.

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